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50 Different Ways To Get Your Body Moving

Taking steps to a healthy lifestyle doesn't always mean that you need to spend hours, that you don't have, in the gym. 

Quite the opposite actually. Unless you really enjoy working out in the gym...which some do...I recommend that you find an activity that you enjoy.

The more enjoyable the activity, the less you think about when it will be over and you may even get caught up in being active, that you forget to stop and keep burning those calories! There should be nothing that stops you from having fun and getting active.

Below are a list of 50 different Activities that you can participate in that range from more structured activities to fun childhood activities that bring us back to the good old days.

The important thing is that you get your body moving!

Leisure/ Recreational Activities:

1. Biking
2. Hiking
3. Running
4. Walking
5. Jogging
6. Swimming
7. Rowing
8. Ultimate Frisbee
9. Play on a playground
10. Horseback Riding
11. Fly a Kite
12. Rollerblading
13. Disc Golf
14. Baseball/Softball
15. Golf
16. Basketball
17. Kickball
18. Volleyball
19. Tennis
20. Capture the Flag
21. Flag Football
22. Badminton
23. Soccer
24. Weight-Lifting
25. Stretching


26. Swing Dancing
27. Rock Climbing
28. Dancing (Any Style)
29. Martial Arts
30. Parkour
31. Capoeira
32. Anti-Gravity Yoga
33. Kickboxing
34. Boxing
35. Pole Dancing
36. Pilates
37. Water Aerobics

Just For Fun:
Bring Back Childhood Memories:

38. Dance Dance Revolution (Using the mat with arrows)
39. P-I-G With the basketball
40. Tag
41. Wii Fit
42. Hula-hooping
43. Handstands
44. Cartwheels
45. Somersaults
46. Play A Musical Instrument
47. Jumping Rope
48. Croquet
49. Kick the Can
50. Use a Trampoline
I hope you've found some exciting activities that you might like trying this spring.
*Get a group of friends together.
*Play Parents vs. Kids.
*Explore something new for your "me time".
*Just Have Fun!

You'll be smiling and burning more calories all at the same time!

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