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6 Killer Ab Exercises

I'm telling you right now that when you hear people say that Abs are made in the Kitchen...They are 100% correct. Your healthy nutrition is going to help trim that belly fat away. But what happens when you trim that fat away? Do you have any muscle definition to show for it? I want to show you 6 exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts to ensure that you hit all areas of your abs. If you incorporate these exercises, you are on your way to getting the abs you're aiming for.
1. Stability Ball Crunch: This exercise may seem simple, but it is extremely effective. Support your feet flat on the floor while you lay with your back on the stability ball. Place your hands behind your head. Do not pull your head up with your hands. Focus on using your abs and using your stomach to lift your body up.
Exhale as you crunch up. When returning to the start position, you are able to extend further back so you get a bigger stretch in your abs...this allows you to get the most out of the exercise and work harder during your crunch. This exercise focuses on the Upper Abdominals.
2. Leg Raise Stability Ball Crunch: This exercise focuses on the lower abs. This is probably the weakest and more difficult section of the abs to strengthen, especially for women. In this exercise You lay flat on the floor and literally pass the stability ball to your legs then to your hands. No need for a partner on this exercise. The stability ball also provides resistance for your legs as you have to lift them all the way up to pass them to your hands. Make sure to exhale as you bring your legs up.
3. Russian Twists: This exercise can be done with a kettlebell, dumbbell, plate, or medicine ball. You don't even have to use a weight at first, but you definitely want to work up to it. Place your feet on the floor and sit back as far as you can without lifting your feet off the floor. Curve your back slightly so your abs are already crunched. This will help you get the most out of your workout and not strain your lower back trying to balance. Exhale quickly as you twist from side to side. You want to Exhale as contract each side. This particular exercise focuses on your Oblique muscles. To make it more challenging you can lift your feet off the floor so you are forced to balance more and stabilize your full core as you perform the exercise.
4. Mountain Climbers: This exercise can be done a couple different ways, but it's a great exercise to hit all sections of the abdominals. Bringing your leg up works the lower abdominals. Either bringing your knee straight up or twisting to the opposite side will work your obliques. And stabilizing your body in the plank position works your entire core. You can either take this exercise slow or speed it up. It's up to you, but it's a great overall ab exercise.
5. Seated Leg Raises: This exercises totally works those lower abdominals. I love this exercise! Sit at the end of a weight bench. Stabilize your body by holding onto the sides of the bench. You want to extend your legs down and focus on using your lower abdominals to lift your legs back up to your chest. Go slow for more resistance. I like to feel the burn and alternate 10 fast with 5 slow. To make this exercise more challenging, you can extend your legs further down than this image shows. That forces your to balance and puts more resistance on the lower abdominals.
6. Hyperextensions on Stability Ball: I'm sure you're wondering why this is on the list. Well, when working a muscle group, it's also important to strengthen and work the opposing muscle. If you want to strengthen your abs, it's necessary to strengthen your lower back as well. I personally have a weak lower back, so I feel that this is a doable and necessary exercise so I don't hurt myself while doing the other exercises. When doing hyperextensions, you can place your arms where they are comfortable as long as they don't get in the way of your movement. To make this exercise more challenging you can hold a weighted plate.

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