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Fruit Flag

Make according to your liking.
Approximately 50 Calories per skewer

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  • 7 skewers
  • 20 Fresh Blueberries
  • 2 Large Bananas
  • Either 20 Strawberry halves or whole strawberries (your preference)
You will need more fruit and skewers if you want to make the flag bigger.
1. Lay out 7 skewers.
2. On 4 skewers, poke 5 blueberries in a row so they are on the end of the skewers. Then add a banana, strawberry, banana, and strawberry.
3. On the other 3 skewers, create the pattern strawberry, banana, strawberry, banana until you have 4 strawberries and 3 bananas on the skewer.

FYI: You can extend the flag as long as you want just add more skewers and the pattern you want until you are happy with your creation.

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