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One nutrition habit you should change.

What is the One Nutrition Habit You Should Change?

Everyone has their personal opinions and science has studies that tell you what exactly you need to change in your nutrition, but what is the right answer that will give you results?

To find the answer to this question, you need to dig deep in your own life. Take a minute to think about your daily routine.

* How often do you eat?
* What kind of foods do you eat?
* What types of drinks do you drink throughout the day?

But the number one question you need to come to grips with is:
*What is your personal nutrition downfall? (What is that crutch you go to, can't go a week without having/doing, fall too when you're stressed, do mindlessly when you're not thinking about health.)

The answer to the above question is the answer to this article!

Mine is Chocolate! I could eat a whole box of Oreos or bag of Hershey kisses. If it had Chocolate in it, I would just eat it mindlessly. That is what I turned to when I was stressed. That is what I turned to monthly during my cycle. That is what I turned to when I was on vacation. When I had an excuse, that is what I indulged in. CHOCOLATE!

So what is your weakness?

The interesting thing about this topic is that I find that people are willing to change anything and everything about the rest of their diet, except that one thing that they know is their biggest weakness, because they are afraid to let go of it completely.

Our reality is that the one thing we should change in our nutrition is really the only thing you don't want to change.

Interesting isn't it. But let me ease your mind a little. It's about progress and working towards a healthier YOU. It's not about deprivation and diets and starving yourself. It's not about making you miserable so you can live a miserable life longer.

It is quite the opposite. It is about learning how to control and monitor your cravings and desires to have a healthy dose of something you love, rather than overdoing it and creating a very unhealthy habit/lifestyle.

Here are some ways to get your started on controlling that weakness:

1. Write down every time you turn to your weakness in a day.
* Knowing how many times you are drinking a 32 oz of soda will give you insight on how you can improve during your day.

2. Take Note of your portions when you do cave to your weakness food.
* Like I would have to right down 1 box of Oreos.....that is not good.
*Calculate those calories.
*You will find that just cutting back on the portion can make a big difference. like an 8 oz can of soda rather than a 32oz. HUGE Difference!!!

3. Set a Goal For Yourself.
*Now that you know how much you really turn to that food or drink, you know how you can improve.
* If you aren't indulging daily but find yourself caving a few times a week, like eating out. Cut back weekly. If you are having problems daily because you keep walking by those donuts that no one seems to be eating. Make sure to have a daily goal.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice!
*These things take time. You can cut it out cold turkey if you think you're strong enough to handle the desires.
*But it's okay to wean yourself off of things too.

5. Tell Yourself You Can Do This!
*It's amazing that most of our cravings starts with our mindset and what we think we need.
*Find an alternate, healthier alternative to your weakness and turn to that instead.
*Once your mindset is right, you are unstoppable!

Setting those goals and cutting back your intake still makes a difference. It takes time. You will crave these things at first. But stay strong. The more you practice the better you'll get. Then you will realize that you can control your portions, because your body is adjusting and doesn't think it needs those things anymore. Keep Practicing!!!

Then you will find the magic!

This is when you will have full control over your weakness and enjoy it when you see fit, and say NO when you know the timing isn't right for it, because you have a goal to keep!

So yes, the answer to this question is different for everyone. But the important thing is to figure out what the answer is for YOU and do something about it. Don't be afraid to improve and learn how to incorporate this "bad habit" in a way where it isn't a habit, but a "healthy moderation."

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