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Halloween Candy Survival Guide

Halloween is around the corner. What does that mean for your health and fitness journey?

Goal Stopper!
Set Backs!

The bad part is when we hear these words and accept them as a reality. Halloween doesn't have to mean any of these things! Don't use a holiday as an excuse to not work towards your goals. It's one roadblock among many that you've already overcome along the way.

Did you even realize that?

Think about it. How many obstacles have you faced and overcome along the way so far during your journey? I'm sure you've had to go to parties, picnics, weddings, graduations, work, along with many other events or situations that made you want to quit and throw in the towel.

Halloween is no different. Yes, the holiday involves candy, which is a huge weakness for many. But it doesn't mean you should give up and chalk it up as a failed day.

I'm going to give you some basic, easy to follow tips on how to survive Halloween without going way overboard, as well as giving you the ability to move on quickly to the next obstacle that may be headed your way.
  • Don't Buy Your Own Stash Of Candy
This may be obvious to some, but for those chocolate lovers out there...when you buy a bag of halloween candy to pass out, you might be tempted to slip another bag of the candy YOU enjoy into the cart as well. DON'T DO IT!
Stay strong and buy candy that you, personally, don't really enjoy. That way you'll be less tempted to eat it or take all the "special" pieces out for yourself.

You think this is crazy? Well I know I'm very guilty of doing this exact I know if I've done it before, then someone else out there probably has too. Which makes it necessary to mention, just in case.

Know yourself. If you can't limit your portions, then don't even have it around.

Don't buy candy YOU LOVE!
  • Limit Your Stash
You already bought your Halloween candy. You already see pieces that you want to keep for yourself. No, you may not need a whole bag, but you must have a taste. However, one piece might turn into 10 pieces if you're not careful.

If you want to stay on track with your goals and move forward the next day. Select 3 of your favorite mini pieces of candy. Only 3. Set those aside and get rid of the rest. Pass it out to all the kiddos. Make sure not to have any left over. This way you can enjoy your favorites and be able to move on with your goals without sabotaging the whole next month, because remember Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then Christmas. If you're not careful, you'll have 3 months of excuses and bad eating and you will be moving in the opposite direction of your goal.

Enjoy What You Love, But Give Yourself A Specific Limit.
  • The Kids Candy Stash
You may think you have your candy temptation under control until you see what your kids brought home from trick or treating. More Temptations!!! Skittles, Kit Kat's, Twix, OH MY!

Candy is sugar. Kids should not be having massive amounts of sugar at once anyway. Take this opportunity to set an example for your kids.
*Put the candy up high and only have 1 piece a day.
*Use the candy as rewards for chores or a job well done in school or for eating all their dinner.
*Follow the previous advice of only selecting 3 pieces for yourself and let everyone choose 3 pieces for the day.
*Play a family game and use it as a reward for the winner.
*Find alternate ways of getting rid of the candy if you don't want it in your house anymore.

I don't withhold candy from my kids. I'm not one to not let them have any at all, but I will limit their intake and use all of the tips that I listed above.

Use this opportunity to give them a taste of their candy they received, but also educate them on why they might feel sick after eating too much, how to eat it in moderation, or how to enjoy it without getting a stomach ache.

I'm not going to lie. My kids have had a ton of their candy already eaten before we even made it back I've had to fill them in on why they felt sick once they got home and wanted to go through their stash and eat more.

Be The Example For Your Kids.
  • Candy Donations
Once you have had enough candy, there are other ways to get rid of your candy besides tossing it in the trash. You and many others did spend money on it and it would be sad to see it wasted and tossed in the trash.

Some ways to donate:
* Treats for Troops run by Soldiers' Angels--a way to donate treats to the troops
* Operation Gratitude donates candy to troops overseas and first responders stateside.
* Halloween Candy Buy Back--you'd have to check to see if there are any locations close to you who do this.
* Classroom teachers might be able to use some for incentives
* Ronald McDonald House Charities

These are just some of the ways that you can donate left over candy to help make someone else's day brighter.
  • Setting A Pre-Halloween Game Plan
This is probably the most effective and most important tip I can offer for this holiday. We take months to plan costumes and decorate haunted houses; however, it is just as important to plan for this holiday and come up with a nutrition game plan to stay on track with your personal goal.

* Write down your current weight-loss goal.

* Write down your biggest candy weakness.

* Look at the nutrition labels for that candy....this is an eye opener sometimes and is enough to help you limit your intake.

* Select 1, 2, or 3 mini pieces (NOT KING SIZE)...which ever you think you can eat and still stay on track with your goal, and keep those in your special treat place.

* Enjoy those pieces either all at once, or spread out in the next few days.

* Halloween is over now. Move on. There is no need to hang onto those temptations. Look at your goal again. Weigh yourself, take your measurements, and get back to your normal routine.

You can do this! It's 100% mindset. Your mind will either tell you to stay strong or to let loose and enjoy. But you already enjoyed 3 of your favorite why ruin your hard work. You enjoyed in it's time to move on and make as much progress as you can before Thanksgiving! Because you'll need another game plan for that holiday as well.

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