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How To Have An Effective Home Gym

When deciding to start your fitness journey, you want to decide if you should get a gym membership or invest in some sort of home gym. If you are against the gym or feel uncomfortable going to the gym and would like to start at home, I will share some effective tips on how to get started.

I understand that the excitement of starting something new may get to you and you feel like you need to purchase an entire gym set from the start, but I encourage you to wait and take your time in this decision. Here is Why...

1. What are your fitness goals?

Is this home gym for you and a partner? Or is it just for you. Knowing who this gym space is for will help you determine how involved you may want to start out.

Also what are the goals you want to accomplish with this gym? Do you want to follow along with workout videos? Or do you want to learn and do your own workouts? Do you want to build strength and build muscle? Knowing these things may help you evaluate your gym space location...whether it is a small space in your bedroom, in the basement, garage, or part of your designated office space. The bottom line is, you want to pick a location that will benefit you the most in your goals.

2. What is Your Current Fitness Level?

Getting equipment according to your current fitness level is very important. A lot of times, when individuals jump all in and purchase so much equipment, they realize that they have a favorite and don't even use half of the equipment that they purchased. This could've saved you a lot of money if you would've put some thought into it first.

If you are a beginner at working out, you can get a great workout with a light, medium, and heavy set of dumbbells (according to what you can handle) or resistance bands. They sell adjustable dumbbells that you can click and switch the weight without taking up much space. They also have resistance bands with a door anchor that you can do a lot of exercises with that also saves on space. Start with one and as you progress you will see what exercises you would like to improve and purchase equipment accordingly...maybe an exercise ball, ankle weights, bosu ball, or even an EZ bar with some weighted plates. But you will figure this out as you get into a routine, learn more and find your style or workouts.

If you are more advanced in the workout department, you most likely have figured out the style of workouts that you like to do. If you enjoy running, investing in a stationary cardio machine may help you. If you enjoy lifting heavier weights, you may want to now invest in a squat rack or something that allows you to stack on and adjust different poundage of weights. You may even find that you love to dance and do zumba, so purchasing some workout videos that appeal to your interest is all you need. That's what comes with experience.

3. Learn How To Work Your Entire Body

Ultimately, we work out in order to create a stronger, more healthy self. That means giving our entire body a workout. So no matter what equipment you choose, or what style of exercise you like to have to ask yourself this question: "Can I Work Every Muscle Group In My Body" with the equipment I have?

If the answer is YES, then you are set up to start and add on as you progress and add on pieces to your routine to improve.

If the answer is NO, think about what you are missing and figure out a piece of equipment that you could get, that fits your space and interest that will get the job done.

One thing to be aware of is, you may be able to work your entire body with the equipment you already have, but you just may not know it yet. That involves you doing some research, learning about the equipment you have and the possible exercises out there for that piece of equipment. Doing a little research may open up a whole lot more possibilities that you weren't even aware of without you having to open up your wallet.

4. Is this a long term commitment or a phase?

When you are excited about starting a new journey, you are initially committed to a change and you want this commitment to last. However, when life gets in the way and excuses start to arise, you may find yourself not making your workout priority and using the equipment that you have. Which means you are not getting your money's worth. This is another reason to start with smaller pieces and work up to more. If you purchase a huge squat rack with cables and the whole deal, and you end up finding excuses and not using's wasted. You didn't get your money's worth. But if you DO use it, then it is totally worth the investment and you end up putting the time in and paying off your equipment and enjoying your successes and results in the comfort of your own home.

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