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Love Yourself Again

Loving yourself isn't as easy as we think it should be. 

*We look in the mirror and only see things that we want to change. 
*We hear people talking behind our backs, or to our faces about things we need to change. 
*We try to stay positive, but negativity always seems to find a way of creeping into our minds when it comes to our self image.

I want you to be able to love yourself again, so let's break things down so you can see your awesomeness again!

Let's start with your Body Type:
You are blessed with a unique body type.

You may fall into one of these categories or mixed with a little mesomorph as well.

Ectomorph: Linear body shape, usually enjoys cardio/endurance exercise, and if you had gained weight, you would be considered "Skinny fat"

Mesomorph: Athletic, gains muscle easily, muscular build

Endomorph: Gains fat easily. Doesn't necessarily enjoy cardio/endurance exercise.

These are brief descriptions that I have narrowed down based on my experience with working with many women and the characteristics that they express while being in their own category.

Now that you have a good idea as to what category you might be in...

You may not have the same body type as your closest friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! NO BODY TYPE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER.
*Every body type has the ability to gain weight and lose weight in time.
*Every body type has the opportunity to define and tone muscles .
*Every body type has the ability to gain strength and muscle.

Don't think you are incapable. It is possible at any level. All you need to do is start at an appropriate level for YOU and your body type.

One thing you cannot do is transform your body type to another. An endomorph will never be an ectomorph and an ectomorph will never be an endomorph, so it is imperative to accept what you are right NOW. Because You are Perfect the Way You Are!

Think about it. Your body type has contributed to your hobbies and interests or even what you do on a daily basis in some way. If you are an ectomorph, you may find that you enjoy running, jogging, yoga, and aerobic exercise. You may be a professional basketball player or a marathon runner, a ballerina, or yoga instructor. If you are an endomorph, you may find that you'd rather walk than run, aerobics are fun, and workouts that show your power are more appealing. You may work lifting heavier things, or enjoy doing work that includes more strength.

Think about your body now. What body type are you? How does your body type contribute to the things you are good at? This doesn't have to be fitness related. Think of your day to day life. I hope you're starting to see that how your body is structured contributes in the unique and awesome YOU!

Let's get a little more specific now:

Body type or no body type...there are things that you DISLIKE about your look when you look in the mirror. Let's face it, when we look in the mirror most women see the flaws first. You're not alone in this!

*Our butts are too big or small.
*Our hips are too wide or narrow.
*Our stomach looks so different after having kids.
*Our boobs are too big or too small or not as perky as they used to be.

*Stretch marks, Wrinkles, Spider veins, and the list can go on!

Changes in our bodies come with age. There are some things you cannot change, but there are also some things you can improve.

What are the things that bother you when you look in the mirror? Now think...Can these things be concealed with cute clothing that will enable you to feel a little more confident? Can these things be improved through exercise and healthy nutrition? Are these things scars of life? The Beautiful Journey of Pregnancy? Life stories?

There may be things about your body that you CANNOT change, but like your body type, they contribute to your unique story. And everyone's story has the unique potential to inspire others in similar situations. So those imperfections are to be worn with confidence, not criticized with humiliation.

Other flaws you see most likely can be improved with some hard work. Yes, I said hard work. Nothing worth having comes easily. There is no magic pill. But it IS POSSIBLE. You just have to start working in the right direction. Start with a small plan and get to work on being consistent with it.

Now let's dig deep:

Do you start the day with positivity? Do you have an inspiring song? A daily devotional book you read for inspiration? A like minded friend that encourages you rather than tears you down?

The Super Power that you want to hold inside is the power to turn negativity into positivity.

It's a Super Power, because it requires constant application. Every day, hour, minute, or even second you could be faced with a negative though, comment, picture, or word that can change your mood, outlook on a situation, or how you view yourself. Those negative vibes could come from the outside world or even within ourselves, so mastering the Super Power of turning Negativity into Positivity will help you begin to love yourself again and see your true awesomeness.

Here are a few examples of what I mean...

You wake up...and step on the scale. Ugh it is not the number you wanted to see today. (Negative)
But you decide to tell yourself....Okay, I'm going to stay on track today. (Positive)

You get dressed for the day and look in the mirror. You see your first flaw. (Negative thought). But then you think... I am working on improving this area, but for now I'll wear these pants because they make me feel a little more confident. (Positive)

Repeat the above example with every flaw you see...

You enter the area where the family is and immediately they start complaining, telling, asking questions....all at once... Your stress level shoots up. (Potential for lots of Negativity) But, you turn on some uplifting music or jam to a song you love (Positive) and your stress level decreases, maybe the kids join in or quiet down to listen to the music and you can manage the situation a little better.

You go to work and are constantly surrounded by other women who gossip and talk about others when they aren't around. You could join in (which fuels Negativity, because gossip is never good) or you could separate yourself from the pack; if that isn't an option, rather than joining in on tearing that person down, find a way to defend that person and lift them up. (Positive)

There are infinite situations that happen minute by minute that you need to navigate through, but the more mindful you are at practicing this Super Power, the easier it will be to start encouraging yourself and seeing the beauty and power in yourself and what you do.

Now, you may come across a horrific situation or circumstance that you can't control and there honestly isn't anything good about it. You struggle to create a positive. Sometimes, we will not be able to instantly see the positive. In these situations, I encourage you to ask yourself this question, "What good can come of this?" You may not know the answer instantly or even in a longer period of time, but if you keep asking yourself that question, a different situation or circumstance may shed light on something good. You may encounter another individual who went through the same thing, and it might open up a brand new friendship or support. You may find that you can help others in a way that relates to a bigger cause you are now passionate about due to that tragedy. I know it's hard to see in those moments, but don't stop asking "What good can come of this?" Something will present itself to you in time.

You are unique. There isn't another person like you. You are 1 in 7.7 billion. That's pretty amazing! That makes you PRICELESS!

Love yourself...All of yourself....again. You Are Worth It!

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