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A New Mindset

While ringing in the New Year with a new fitness goal or continuing on your current health and fitness journey, you may want to take time to clear your mind of any past failures and negativities.  With a New Year, comes New Possibilities...really...each day is a fresh start to make better choices. So, whether it's a New Year or not, you may want to use this article as motivation to start fresh and mentally prepare yourself to tackle your goals.

How You Perceive Yourself

You may find yourself looking in the mirror in disgust or think negatively about what you see. You may talk negatively to yourself. You may use negative words or phrases like "can't" or "I'll never" or "I don't want to". You may think these things are harmless, because they are done in the privacy of your own home, but you may actually be setting yourself up for failure. Just through the negative words and thoughts you are saying to yourself.

Try this! Rather than picking the things you DON'T like about yourself, try to find qualities you DO LIKE about yourself. There has to be something!! Your Smile.
Your Hair. Your Shoes! Something! Sure you may want to improve things a tad, but that's okay...there is still something you like. If a negative thought starts to sneak in, put a spin on it and make it positive.

I'm a mom, so immediately the Daniel Tiger song pops into my head... "If something seems bad, turn it around...and find something good." Find Something Good!

1. Look in the mirror complete this sentence: "Wow, I am really liking my _____ today. "

2. Put a positive spin on your thoughts: "Ugh, my ____is looking too ____ today, but that's okay, because I'm going to work on improving that. And by the way, MY ______ is on POINT!

There is always a way to turn a negative around. Sometimes we just stop at the end of the negative thought, but I challenge you to continue your thought on how you can improve and encourage yourself to improve whatever issue you don't like about yourself.

Another way to destroy your positive mindset is comparing yourself to another person. In most cases, it is a person with a completely different body shape or type than you, which makes it even more frustrating.

For Example: " can she eat all that pizza and still stay so thin!"

These thoughts or comments are destructive. If you're looking at a girl who is a totally different body shape than you or is in a totally different part of her journey, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to that girl in the first place.

This is your journey, and your main focus should be improving the areas YOU want to improve on YOURSELF...not what anyone else is doing.

If your thoughts are positive about what you are doing or aiming for, then you will have more determination to finish it. You are stronger than you think. Wake up each day ready to conquer something, because if you're mentally prepared to do so, you most likely will!

Mindset For Exercise

Before you just start showing up at the gym or following work out videos, you should think about the result you want. Believe it or not, weight-loss isn't the only result women want. You may want weight-loss, but you may also want cardiovascular health, strength and toning, flexibility and mobility, or agility.

Do any of these other goals pop out at you? If so, then you don't want to just hit the gym and hop on the treadmill...unless your goal is cardiovascular health. Each of these goals train totally differently. The results you are striving for determine how you exercise.

1. Think about the results you want.
2. Reflect on WHY you want these results
3. Find the best type exercise for the results you want.
4. Exercise appropriately 3-4 days a week.
5. Be Consistent.

Some women follow programs and have no idea why. Or they follow programs and can't stick with them. There is no need to go extreme. Consistency is what will give you the results you want in the long run.

If you're a busy mom, who is short on time, exercising consistently and efficiently, in short time frames, will give you better results than if you were inconsistent with a rigorous program.

Keep your goal and WHY written and close to remind you on the difficult days that you are feeling less motivated...and remember to turn that negative thought into a positive. Your mindset will destroy or motivate. Let it motivate!

Mindset For Nutrition

There are sooo many diets out there. There is sooo much information on the internet. How do you know what to listen to? Where should you start? What should you change?

Some of you may be feeling this way as you enter the New Year trying to make a plan for your new health & fitness goals. Take a deep breath. It doesn't have to be extreme. It doesn't have to be rocket science.

1. Be honest with yourself and write down your serious weaknesses when it comes to nutrition. Awareness is key...and holding yourself accountable on those specific things will help you improve those areas.
(Think about it...if you cut out those back of snack chips late at night...that is 140 calories less already!)

2. Drink more water. You should drink about half your body weight in ounces.

3. Eat more veggies. No one ever wants to do this one...but a good ratio is every 3 servings of veggies you can have 1 serving of fruit. This will automatically decrease your calories and increase other vitamins and minerals your body needs.
(Think of veggies as your vitamins.)

4. Knowing what foods belong in what category: Carbohydrates, Proteins, & Fats. Simply knowing where your food belongs will help you choose more balanced options.

Eating can be very frustrating, because temptations are everywhere. But if you are mentally prepared to make healthier choices and improving the areas in which you are struggling with, you will be more willing to tackle them. Get yourself in a positive mindset with nutrition and work on one issue at a time.

You can do this!

Whatever you're tackling in the New Year, your mindset is crucial to whether you stick to or fall off your journey.

*Keep your mindset positive
*Surround yourself with positive and supportive people
*Find Ways That Keep Yourself Motivated...because let's face it...the outside world isn't always supportive or encouraging.

Dig deep inside and believe that you are strong enough to succeed and reach your goals. I know you CAN!!!

Best of Luck!

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