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Individualized Online
Nutrition Coaching

What To Expect With
Online Nutrition Coaching

Individualized Meal Planning & Nutrition Help

Individualized nutrition coaching is perfect for someone who:

  • Understands that what you eat is as important as how you workout.
  • Wants help understanding what foods are healthy and unhealthy.
  • Wants easy-to-follow guidance that matches their personal fitness goals and level of nutrition struggles.
  • Wants to learn tips and tricks that will help them succeed long term.

Nutrition coaching includes:

  • Food/Kitchen Questionnaire
  • 3 Day Dietary Log on the Katydid Fitness Food App.
  • Meal Plan With Foods You'll Eat...because they are from your grocery list!
  • Appropriate alternatives to unhealthy foods
  • Healthy Food List
  • Weekly check-ins with trainer
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Progress Photos Monthly
  • Measurements Weekly
  • Updates to meals specific to your lifestyle situation
  • Discounts:
    Buy 2 Months And Save $25
    Buy 3 Months And Save $54
Nutrition coaching
Cost is $100/month (without workouts)

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