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Summer Nutrition

Staying Nutrition Strong Through The Summer Activities

Many women think that when summer comes there will be more time to exercise and eat healthy...but then activities arise, birthday parties are planned, holiday events take place, and the excuse of being too busy once again presents itself and obstacles and barriers appear to stop progress that so many women want.

It doesn't have to be that way. The truth is...there is no perfect time. There is not exact moment that is the best timing for getting healthy and making progress. Life will always be messy. Life will always be busy. Life will always be stressful. There will be new excuses and obstacles no matter what season it is. It's up to us to find ways of incorporating it into our lifestyles. So I'm here to help you with some ideas to incorporate health conscious ways into your lifestyle.

Healthy Traveling Tips:
1. Pack a cooler of healthy foods
2. Try to get a hotel room that has a mini fridge.
3. Pack some salads, yogurts, string cheese, rotisserie chickens, fresh veggies, and other healthy foods to keep in the fridge.
4. Pack some homemade trail mix.
5. Pack some Protein Powder and a shaker bottle, because you can always use the shaker bottle to mix it up for a quick drink.

Busy Day Tips:
1. Sunday Meal Prep- Take a few hours to prep meals for your week on Sunday or one free day during the week.
2. Morning Meal Prep- Take time in the morning to prepare the meals that you will need for your day
3. Find some homemade snacks like trail mix, veggies, cheeses, or fruits to pack and take with you to eat in the car on the way from place to place.
4. Bring Protein Powder and a shaker bottle with you. Add water and have a shake while at a sporting event.
5. Find some crockpot recipes to prepare in the morning so you don't have to worry about dinner.
6. A basic Meat, Veggie, and Potato/Rice makes a quick healthy meal.

Eating Out Tips:
1. Plan the restaurants you want to go ahead of time, so you can look up the menu and figure out what you will eat before you go.
2. Sure, I know you might change your mind once you get there, so look for the nutrition info on the menu.
3. Most restaurant portions are huge, so make sure you save some for later or possibly get a lunch size.
4. Opt for 1 alcohol beverage rather than 2 or 3. (you're drinking your calories here)
5. Don't be afraid to ask the waiter to substitute sauces or dressings for something more healthy.
6. Share a meal with your loved one. Isn't it romantic?!?!
7. If you don't want to share a least share dessert.

Social Events:
1. If you're not sure what type of food will be at an event, offer to bring a dish. I have some quick and easy ideas on my recipe page.
2. There will be lots of carbs at a picnic and most events, so make sure to find your protein and veggie options first, then garnish the side of your plate with a roll or potato salad.
3. Fill your plate once and avoid going back for seconds.
4. Choose a few bite size desserts rather than large overflowing plates.
5. Drink Water, not soda
6. If friends ask you about your choices in food, be proud of your goals and let them know about all the things you can eat rather than everything you aren't allowed to do.
7. If you know the food will be unhealthy, eat before you go, so you can control your portion sizes.

Above all, it will be whether your mind keeps you strong or talks you out of taking these tips to heart. Only you are in control of what goes in your own mouth. You can't blame anyone else but yourself for staying on track or falling off the wagon during the summer, so make sure you can take the credit for sticking to the plan. You can do it!

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