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I, Katie from Katydid Fitness, pride myself on honesty and integrity. I feel that it is very important to know if you are ready to invest your time and money into one of my programs.

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Here at Katydid Fitness, I strive to give each client an individual experience unique to the individual. That means I learn about you and your needs, limitations, exercise habits, and eating habits, before I can create a starting plan specifically to you...and be able to help you progress and improve as you move deeper into your journey.
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Transformations & Testimonials

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Please share your testimonial of your health and fitness journey while utilizing my training and coaching services.

Marissa Spartan Race
I'm so proud of Marissa! She has overcome many obstacles in order to compete in a Spartan Race with her husband. Marissa not only overcame lower back issues and a former knee injury, but also learned how to figure out managing her time in order to get to the gym to make her training happen. I was able to provide Marissa with gym workouts that would help prepare her for the obstacles during the race, but the hard work was ALL her! She wanted to build up upper body strength to be able to climb the ropes and walls. She also wanted to strengthen the smaller muscles around her lower back, abdominals, and knees to help get her through all the strenuous lower body impact she would encounter.
Working hard for 12 weeks on her goal specific training has prepared her to not only compete in her first Spartan Race EVER, but also be able to finish in the top 50 in her age group! I can't wait to see what her next goal is that she is going to tackle! I'm so proud of you Marissa!
beckianne transform
Beckianne has achieved these great results (AND SHE'S NOT DONE YET!) by using my Katydid Fitness Mobile App. She had everything against her. Negative thoughts. Negative comments towards her. Unhealthy food tempting her constantly. She never gave up.

She made small goals. I helped her get her mindset right. I helped guide her with her nutrition in her circumstances. But she put in all the work. She wanted it! So She is Getting It! When she started, she did not believe she would one day make it this far. If you asked her today, she will smile at you and tell you that she is planning on drinking her water and getting her workouts in, because she's not done yet.

This story isn't only about the weight-loss, which is amazing, but this story is about totally transforming from the inside out! She radiates positivity and power! She knows she can. She knows she will accomplish her goals. We communicate often. When she is down, she knows she can message me for encouragement. I'm just so proud of everything she's accomplished. It wonderful to see when someone is finally confident enough to let me attach her smile to her photo!
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I have been working with Elisabeth since February of 2017 to help lose some weight and gain some strength.

She had a gym membership and a desire to change. That desire she had fired me up! I love working with people who are ready! I took that desire and led her in the right direction. She started using my Katydid Fitness Mobile App and I helped guide her with her workouts and nutrition to help her find the correct calories for her goal and a healthy balance, so she can maintain this new lifestyle for many many years to come.

How much has Elisabeth lost you ask? 22lbs since February of 2017.

I celebrate the fact that she surpassed her goal, and now we are working on how to improve in the gym and maintain her new weight. I'm so proud of her! She had the desire and she did something about it!
Bronnie Transformation
I've been working with Bronwyn since January of 2017! She lives in Australia, and I am able to help her reach her goals through my Katydid Fitness Mobile App!

The beauty of the internet!

Bronwyn has two kiddos and wanted to get back into shape, but doesn't have time for the gym. That's right! She accomplished her goals with the equipment she already had available to her at home!! Dumbbells & Her Body!

She has lost a total of 12.5kg (27.5 lbs) and 70.5cm (27.75 in) and she has no desire to gain any of that back, so she is continuing her journey and staying dedicated to her mission! I'm so proud of her!
Mom transformation
I'm sure you've all heard me talk about my mother and how proud I am of her. Well, I finally convinced her to send me a picture of herself. Not only did she send me a picture, but she actually put on the same outfit she wore before I started specifically working with her on her health and fitness journey!

Pictures of her were very few and far between because she didn't like herself in any photo. She always was the one taking the photo and never wanted to be in them. She's 62 years young, hitting her goals, and living a healthier lifestyle. Her confidence has boosted and she isn't afraid to get in the pictures anymore.

She has lost 20 lbs by cleaning up her nutrition and consistently doing the workouts I create for her that work around her Osteopenia, degenerative disc disease in her neck, arthritis, and shoulder issues. She could've used these things as an excuse...but instead used them as a reason!

Even though she takes care of her mother (my grandmother), watches my niece and nephew, and do what we know moms do around the house, she still finds time to be consistent and keep working towards being healthy. Which I thank her for! :) Great work MOM!

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