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Is Your Body In Starvation Mode?

When we think of losing weight, we think of the word DIET. Right? When we think of the word DIET, we think of eating LESS....WAYYY LESS.  

Believe it or not, that is one of the reasons that women have such a hard time losing weight! Though men can also deprive their bodies; I have more experience with women and helping them find a healthy nutritional balance that prevents "starvation mode."

To my surprise, I have found that the majority of women, when they started as a client, actually ate way under the 1200 calorie limit that you are not supposed to go under. And when I ask them why they eat so little, their main response is, "I want to lose weight and I thought I needed to eat less to lose weight."

I've found that women tend to be afraid of the idea to eat more because they do not want to gain weight; when in reality, once your body adapts to the appropriate nutrition and caloric amount, your body will stop storing it and start using it for energy.

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly do I mean by all of this. Let me try to break this down for you.

“Starvation Mode” is a term used for the body’s natural response to protect itself when you don’t eat enough for extended periods of time. Your body, being the elaborate creation that it is, perceives itself to be in danger of starvation, so it will slow down your metabolism to save energy. This reaction is an attempt to keep vital organs, such as the brain and heart, going for as long as possible.

The body will burn fat for fuel, but it will also start burning muscle mass for fuel as well, which will slow down the metabolism even more.

While a starvation diet may help you lose weight fast at first, A vicious cycle begins...
Your metabolism gets slower with each day. This results in a slower metabolism which needs less fuel, so you consistently have to eat less and less to lose weight!

Does that sound appealing to anyone? NOT TO ME!

As your metabolism slows down even further and your lean muscle mass dwindles, you will also find that you are more and more tired.


With this, you will get less exercise, which leaves you with less lean muscle, and an even slower metabolism.

It really is a VICIOUS cycle!

This is why a proper nutrition that fits your body type and caloric needs, along with strength training to increase lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism is so important!

If you are eating over 500 calories LESS THAN your Daily Caloric Requirement, then you just may be entering "starvation mode" if you're not there already.

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