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I Made The Decision To Homeschool...NOW WHAT?!

3 Simple Steps

Hands Down...the hardest part of ACTUALLY DECIDING TO HOMESCHOOL!

I can't tell you how long I battled with myself, my doubts, my fears, and all the myths and stereotypes. Going into this battle is for another blog, but was extremely difficult to weigh all these categories when I only had one perspective.

BUT, once I finally solidified my decision, it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. After the grueling decision is finally made, it comes down to figuring out what to do next. Trust me, it's a lot easier than you may think.
Step 1:
Talking To Other Homeschooling Moms (Friends)
Now let me make something clear. This was a decision that I made according to my family. I did not get persuaded by anyone, and even though I am now an advocate for homeschooling, I do not want to persuade your decision. I'm just sharing my own journey. This decision comes down to you and your family. You can't sell a lifestyle...I know this from fitness. It's up to the actual person doing it, to make the change and put in the work. So, I finally decided that I wanted to put in the work and make this adventure happen.
After I made this decision, I contacted every single person I knew who homeschooled. I shared my plan and just simply inquired about what they did with their homeschooling experience. I took notes. Lots and Lots of Notes!! (Every Single Mom Did Something Different!). Most importantly, for me, I wrote down what curriculum they used, if any at all. They all had valuable information to share and I wanted to take it all into consideration.
Step 2:
Research Homeschooling Curriculums
I took the information that I gathered and started looking up each of the curriculums that were recommended to me and started reading. There are way more curriculums out there than I was even given, but it was important for me to pick something that I knew someone used and loved it. I looked at all the websites, mission statements, and finally found the one that fit my vision. I still love it.

Let me share that I did have a friend, a former teacher, who created her own curriculum for her kids and just used available resources that fit her own vision. I loved this idea, but I wasn't quite ready. I didn't want to bite off more than I can chew, since it is my first year and all.

This may seem like a grueling process, but it was actually fun. I had the freedom to choose what my kids were going to be learning and how they were going to be learning it. That made my heart happy.
Step 3:
State Laws And The Withdrawal Process
One of my friends informed me to look up my states laws on homeschooling. Each state is different. Luckily, Michigan is extremely easy and does not have to turn any assessments or anything of now. However, I am keeping all our books/grades as proof in case this changes. You can find information about your own state at (Home School Legal Defense Association) It's a very helpful website that helps keep homeschool families informed.

This website ( gave me the step by step info for my state.
1. I literally wrote an e-mail to my local school district. I simply shared that I was going to start homeschooling and was letting them know.
2. They relayed the message to my kids Elementary School, because I got a withdrawal form from the secretary with a nice little note wishing us the best.
3. I filled that out, and sent it back to her.

That was it! Now, every state is different, so make sure to find the information that applies to you.

Once that form was submitted, I started ordering the curriculum I chose!
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"I am leaving you with a gift--peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid."
JOHN 14:27

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