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The Baffled Mindset of Tracking Nutrition

Why is it when it comes to food, and losing weight nobody wants to track what they are actually intaking? 

We track lots of things on a daily basis and don’t even realize it. 

*We track how long it takes us to get ready in the morning so we can be at work on time.

*We track how long it takes to drive to work, so we know when we are running late.
*We track how much money we spend on a daily/weekly basis.

*I teach my son at home and I track how many letters he knows by writing them down to see if he progresses. 

*We track when we do laundry by how big the piles of dirty clothes are.
*No matter what profession you are in, you track something in some way at some point.

So why is it so hard to track our own nutrition when it comes to our own personal results?

*Is the food too good? Limit portions.

*Do you think healthy food is too expensive? Continue buying what you can afford and eat appropriate to your calorie range.
*Do you hate using an app to log your food? We use apps for everything else, why not with this? It’s way easier than running to the cupboard and looking at the calories or googling the calories for that food and writing it on a piece of paper. But track on paper if you need to. Whatever works for you.

*Do you think you are depriving yourself of everything good? Don’t think of it as a restriction…think of it as a healthier lifestyle.

Bottom Line. We track other things continuously on a daily basis, so why not nutrition? Once you track your nutrition appropriately and understand the combinations and things that you can eat on a daily basis, then you start tracking without even realizing it. You won’t have to write it down. You won’t have to log. Once it becomes a habit, you will know what you should be eating for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks. And if you do eat out or participate in an event that you don’t normally participate in, then you can log to stay within your caloric range so you don’t lose progress.

It all starts with mindset. If you have negative views about nutrition and feeling like you're "dieting" or "restricting" yourself, you're going to hate it and you will not keep up with it. But if you put a positive spin on it and view it as a healthy lifestyle change to avoid future diseases and longevity for your family, then maybe you might be more open to it.

Tracking Nutrition isn’t supposed to make you lose 30 lbs in 2 weeks. Everyone loses weight at different rates, but a healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. Don’t let those numbers discourage you. That is healthy weight loss to help your body catch up to the changes and instill those healthy habits, so you can continue eating in a way that works for you without yo-yoing back up the scale. Interestingly enough, there are some women...once they start tracking....realize that they can eat way more than what they actually are eating! Go Figure!! A Lifestyle where you can EAT MORE!

If you burn more calories than you eat, you LOSE weight

If you eat the same amount of calories than you burn, then you MAINTAIN your weight.

And If you eat more calories than you burn, then you GAIN weight

But How will you know????

Start on a Small Tracking Scale:

If your weakness is sweets. Track your sweet intake.
If your weakness is drinking water…Track your water.
If your weakness is not eating enough. Track how many times you eat. 

We don’t know how we progress if we don’t track.

When you exercise, how do you know if you are progressing or building strength? You track how much you can lift for each exercise you do. You track how many reps you do with ease. 

If you don’t track with exercises, you are most likely using the same exact weights you started with and you are not seeing progress and what you are using is probably now too easy. 

How do you know if you are improving in running? You track how many miles you can run and you strive for a little longer each time. 

So again….WHY DO WE HATE TRACKING OUR FOOD, when FOOD is what sculpts our bodies to see the muscles underneath that we work so hard for.

Physiques are made in the kitchen…not just abs. (Because of the famous saying that Abs are made in the Kitchen.) As we lose according to our body types, our muscles start to show and reveal a physique that we are striving so hard to achieve. So if you are striving for that physique, then I strongly encourage you to start tracking your nutrition in one way or another, until it becomes a healthy habit, so you can show off all your hard work! 

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