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  • Being A Healthy Example For Your Kids
  • Feeling Better
  • Fitting In That Bikini or Favorite Pair of Jeans
  • Being The Best Version Of You
  • Wanting To Finally Find Success & Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

These are all common reasons women use to start a weight-loss or fitness journey. It's also very common to start a program and either not finish it or not know what to do once it is over.

Can you maintain it?
Will you bounce back and even gain more than you lost?

Katie Tedder, founder and CEO of Katydid Fitness is an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. She's been working on her own health & fitness journey for over 13 years now. She's started from the bottom and worked her way to competitor status, bounced back after babies, and is now committed to helping other women find their way in their own health in fitness journey.

There are many different levels of exercise and nutrition, and here at Katydid Fitness, we believe that each level and circumstance should be treated specific to the individual. It is our goal to meet you at your level and not only guide you, but teach you along the way, so you can continue to progress and create healthy habits on your own.

Once that foundation is built, you will know how to get back on track and have lasting results no matter what obstacle presents itself.

Pick The Coaching Package That You Feel Will Benefit You Most

*IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19, I am not currently taking on INDIVIDUAL ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS. I take pride in my dedication to my clients and put a lot of time into customizing and individualizing their coaching. I do not want to take on any new clients and not be able to give them the time they deserve. My husband has a job position that potentially exposes him daily and comes home to our family of 5. I do not personally feel right committing to clients when I may, at anytime, need to dedicate my time to taking care of my family. I hope that you understand that take advantage of all the other resources that I have available to you at this time. Once this all passes or becomes less serious, I will be excited to start working with new clients once again.
Here at Katydid Fitness we strive to give each client an individual experience unique to the individual. That means we learn about you and your needs, limitations, exercise habits, and eating habits, before we can create a starting plan specifically to you...and be able to help you progress and improve as you move deeper into your journey.
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Individualized Online
Fitness Coaching

Individualized Workouts & Nutrition
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Individualized Online
Workout Coaching

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Nutrition coaching

Individualized Online
Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Only

Challenges/Independent Programs to Assist You In Your Journey

12 Day Strong Arm Challenge
12 Day Sleek Abs Challenge

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  • "I Want To Do It Myself "
  • "I Know What I'm Doing "
  • "I Know How To Exercise Towards My Goals"
  • "I Know How To Eat Towards My Goals"
If you have said some of these things and feel confident that you can go this journey alone, but also feel that advice and guidance would be helpful, you may be interested in the Katydid Fitness App.

It's a way to stay in control of your own journey, but also make sure that you are headed towards your goal rather than away from it. Katie Tedder, founder of Katydid Fitness is an active coach on the app where she is available to help guide you in the right direction if you need it.

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